MSU 16th Convocation – A Time to Celebrate

It was hard for me to contain my excitement as I scanned the hustle-bustle that went on in the U-square and the steps leading to the Chancellor Hall on the [...]

Let Us Move On

The recent announcement by the Deputy Prime Minister of a Blueprint for Higher Education 2015 -2025 is an exciting start as we prepare for the new year. The [...]

Teachers – MSU’s pride and joy

Perhaps the saying “Teaching is a noble profession” has lost its true depth of a meaning as it becomes more of a cliché than what it is supposed to mean. [...]


January just breezes through.   I am sure many have made the  move to bring about the necessary changes into their lives. And as always, there will be some [...]

The Internationalisation of Malaysian Higher Education: Issues & Challenges

Since the nineties institutions of higher learning have had their share of arguments on the internationalization of Malaysian higher education. When Datuk Sri [...]

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Another year went by with so many stories to learn from. Some good ones whereas some we prayed hard that it didn’t happen to us – at least not in our life [...]

Success is Priceless

Surmounting challenges amidst a variety of constraints can be a daunting experience. I have always empathized deeply with our students ability at meeting [...]

30 Years of Excellence in Education

To say that our students' favorite pastime is to break Malaysia Book of Records' achievements sounds pretty much boastful. The truth is, that is exactly what [...]

8th Convocation – MSU

I have never failed to feel proud looking at our graduates taking those historic strides to receive their scrolls from the Chancellor. I knew how they [...]

What next after graduation?

It was certainly a delight to see another 1000 graduates receiving their scrolls during the recent 7th MSU's convocation. While the graduates took those [...]