Responding to remote in a trying time

When a demand is made for unprecedented creativity and inspiration, the only way forward is innovation. Management and Science University (MSU) moves ahead on [...]


Artikel daripada Dewan Ekonomi Jilid 22 Bil. 02/2015 terbitan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Management and Science University (MSU) sudah lebih tiga dekad [...]


Teamwork tribute in President’s congratulatory address at the 22nd Convocation Ceremony of Management and Science University (MSU)   Management [...]

Build Your Employability

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Another oath-taking ceremony has taken place, this time welcoming a cohort of the 2017-2018 academic session. Oath-taking is a memorable occasion [...]

From Class to Jobs

To the eighteen newly appointed members of the MSU Students Representative Council (SRC), taking the pledge of office was a big moment. This would be a [...]

Onwards and upwards is President’s message to MSU’s Class of 2016

The success of all MSUrians past and present is a subject the President of Management & Science University (MSU) holds dear, and convocation is the [...]

The Need for Higher Learning Institutions to Remain Relevant

The current social and economic challenges require a fresher look if higher learning institutions are to remain relevant in the future. Their role as [...]

Sehati Sejiwa

Despite the BERSIH 4 street protest, the spirit of the 58th Merdeka celebration wasn’t dampened.  Sehati Sejiwa, the Malay equivalence of togetherness, [...]

A time to celebrate and move on.

The PTPL group annual convocation ceremony has always been a sentimental event to me because of the strong emotional and historical bonds that this collegiate [...]

A time to move forward

The tail end of the first quarter for 2105 is fast approaching, and  much has happened since January with plenty more to come as we chug along towards year's [...]