Teamwork tribute in President’s congratulatory address at the 22nd Convocation Ceremony of Management and Science University (MSU)


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Management and Science University (MSU) President, Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab. Yajid, addressing the congregation at the University’s 22nd Convocation Ceremony mid-March 2018


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 22nd Convocation Ceremony of Management and Science University (MSU), celebrating the graduation of the Class of 2018!

As educator, the success of our students is my satisfaction yet it may not be mine alone. Congratulations to all parents, whose prayers and commitment are the backbone behind the success of your children. Every time we have similar events at MSU, I see this commitment translating into full attendance in shows of support. Congratulations once again!


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Grand procession into the Chancellor Hall at the 22nd Convocation Ceremony of Management and Science University (MSU)


Such a commitment is very important because success in education is a teamwork effort that relies on the cooperation of all involved. Yes, the students must work hard, but the parents must also be there in moral support. Without the dedication and sacrifices of parents, you would not be where you are today. Always remember your parents because this success also belongs to them.

Faculty too, plays an important role, as do the administration and management. I believe that all-round commitment and synergy among all the parties will ensure continuous progress towards future success in our graduates. Congratulations for the excellent teamwork leading to this day are also due to all our industry partners.


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Proud, happy parents at the 22nd Convocation Ceremony of Management and Science University (MSU) mid-March 2018


Two honorary degrees will be conferred this 22nd Convocation Ceremony; one to Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Hamad Kama Piah Che Othman, Group Chaiman of UMW Holdings Berhad; the other to Professor Sultan Abu Orabi, the Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities.

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Hamad Kama Piah is the longest-serving CEO of PNB, whom I believe is the architect behind many of the innovative ideas and policies at PNB. For his proven leadership, excellent achievements, and contributions to building PNB into what it is today, he deserves the Honorary Doctorate in Finance and Investment.

Professor Dr Sultan Abu Orabi is another outstanding individual, an academic icon from Jordan who is former vice-chancellor to three big public universities in Jordan and has been leading the Association of Arab Universities for the past seven years. For his remarkable achievements in the internationalization of Arab universities, he will be conferred the Honorary Doctorate in Education Management and Leadership.

Today, we celebrate 2,003 of you graduating from across eight faculties and schools. Sixty of you will receive the University’s special awards as the University’s best students. Our number of students who made the Dean’s List and particularly for the President’s List has increased, and our indicator for graduation on time (IGoT) remains high. Well done!


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Class of 2018 with MSU President, Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid


I can say that the work we have done with industries is working very well, but amid all the celebrations, let me pause you and ask you to look beyond the success. Let me remind you that your degree is not a differentiator; it just does not differentiate you. Think twice before you think you are better than the next degree holder, but think instead about what you can put around your degree, because it is that which will make you distinctive.

And we want you to be distinctive.

We want you not reliant on your degree, because you cannot rely on it alone, so we built you with global employability skills and enriched your personal competencies. Take the soft skill components, your communication skills, your ability to work, your leadership, what you did on campus, your learning experiences, to your future careers, because these are what will make you distinctive, not your degree.

Walk tall out of this University and be proud as MSUrians. We are always the best and you can beat the best! We are number 1 in Malaysia for graduate employability, with 98.6%; we are the best in entrepreneurship as the Most Entrepreneurial Private University in the country; and we are ranked 217th in Asia out of 11,900 universities.

Yet those are only the consequences of being good. More important than the statistics and the ranking is you as a person and the objective of building you into a holistic, well-rounded graduate, which is the mission and vision of the University. We sent you out to the world – Ireland, UK, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Japan – all over the world, beyond Shah Alam, beyond Malaysia, beyond the country you come from, because you must learn to compete as a global citizen.

Being in university is not just about building academic competence. Building your character is also important. Success does not know where you come from or your social background. With commitment and hard work, anybody can be successful, and love for what you do will bring the commitment.

Move forward with these perspectives, and take lifelong learning with you. Keep on learning, and especially if you are in the medical profession, keep on building your inter-professional competency. We will keep excelling, together.


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Class of 2018 best students jubilant at the 22nd Convocation Ceremony of Management and Science University (MSU)