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Another oath-taking ceremony has taken place, this time welcoming a cohort of the 2017-2018 academic session. Oath-taking is a memorable occasion celebrating new junior members to the big family of MSU. Welcome, new MSUrians!

Embarking on this academic journey is the students’ first step to a successful future. Seeing their happy faces in the University’s Chancellor Hall, I could feel their eagerness to succeed. And we will meet their commitment to success by making sure they will succeed. We will nurture them, mould them, develop them into balanced, well-rounded graduates. We will make sure that their future success is an outcome of this University!

At 92%, the indicator for graduation on time (IGOT) for Management and Science University (MSU) is one of the best in Malaysia. With the MSU statistic, passing will not be a problem. But passing is not our only objective. The small percentage who fails, fail because they do not care about their education. But to you who care about your education, I say go for excellence because that should be your main concern.

How do you go for excellence? Be better, to be more successful. Be the best, to compete.

No matter which programme you are on at MSU, all your learning experiences here will be all about getting you to excel. They will prepare you to be the best. They will equip you so you will be capable of becoming the best.

Before you start this academic pathway to your future career, look to the challenges of that future. You will find them different from how they are today. Because of that, you need to realize that passing should not be your objective. By being the best, you can be competitive. Be the best doctor, the best engineer, the best professor – the best in anything you do, by being passionate in what you do.

Love what you do, do what you love.

You cannot be half-baked or mediocre. With millions in the national working population alone, and free movement courtesy of a borderless globalized world, being the best is crucial. So be the best. Be in the Dean’s List. Be in the President’s List. Excel. Aim to get an award at your convocation ceremony.

You need three attributes to move towards a goal of excellence. Being passionate in what you do and striving to be the best will get you there, but to stay excellent you will need what 21st-century’s Industry 4.0 requires: the ability to keep learning. To stay on top of the workforce within the fourth industrial revolution, highly successful and on top of your generation, you must have learnability, which means you must have an agile mind, always ready for new challenges.

Learnability involves not just your syllabus and CGPA. Yes, go get a 4.00, but at the same time, build your personal competencies and your employability. Immerse yourself in MSU’s competency enrichment programmes and develop employable skills. Go beyond the University to expand your mind. Join its Global Mobility Programme (GMP), Global Leadership Programme (GLP), and accordingly, its Global Internship Programme (GIP), to develop the agility of mind that will bring you learnability.

Here’s to your learning journey!

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