From Class to Jobs

President's Blog June 2017

To the eighteen newly appointed members of the MSU Students Representative Council (SRC), taking the pledge of office was a big moment. This would be a test of their true resolve, one that will push their efforts to a level commanding leadership skills and personal bests. I wish them success in fulfilling their aspirations serving both the University and fellow students.

It used to be that to succeed you need only to concern yourself with academic excellence, for which the library could be a sufficient best friend. Today, learning modes and styles have changed because access to information has changed. A high CGPA alone no longer suffices. Standing out as a well-rounded graduate is a new, additional requirement.

Which is why, taking the lead, such as demonstrated by members of the SRC, has become more than necessary. But with leadership comes responsibility, of such proportions that may have instilled fear in its reputed potential to mess with one’s studies. As members of the SRC have shown time and time again, though, such fears are unfounded, and the reputation, unjust.

True, a lot of hard work lies ahead. On our part we provide experiences and leadership opportunities in community engagement and global mobility activities. Now go explore the world, step beyond the mundane, and embrace the extraordinary. Regardless of where you have come from, I believe all of you have the potential to be the best. Given that 98.6% among you are snapped up by employers within six months of graduating, you can walk tall knowing you are at the nation’s best for graduate employability. I urge a setting off on this journey now with the aim to arrive at your destiny successfully and excellently.

The ceremony may be simple, but at MSU, oath-taking carries significant import. It sets sail this important journey that takes our students ever closer to their future in the working life. Whatever their dream for that future, the University is here to ensure the journey remains in their steer and everything possible will be done to aid its successful conclusion.

This is MSU – a university that transforms lives and enriches your future. May you have a wonderful, memorable journey.