Onwards and upwards is President’s message to MSU’s Class of 2016

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The success of all MSUrians past and present is a subject the President of Management & Science University (MSU) holds dear, and convocation is the one day he looks forward to. Addressing the Class of 2016 at MSU’s 19th Convocation Ceremony, Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid expressed his pride at how difficulty in selecting the recipients of the special awards and the increased support of the University’s industry partners reflect the tremendous improvement in the quality of MSU graduates. 

The President was however quick to remind that “success is never a destination but a journey”, and to caution the graduates against ending that journey on convocation day. He pointed out that success and achievements are only keys that pass one through life’s doors, and that those keys should be used to keep moving on, from one door to the next, from one level up another. Falling behind in one’s knowledge is not an option because the world keeps changing; what is learned today will soon enough be obsolete. New and higher knowledge must keep being sought and built upon, and the recipe of success must be learned from the lessons of experience and perseverance.

Tan Sri President named MSU Chancellor Her Majesty Queen Haminah as a role model to MSU’s giving and grateful culture, citing Her Majesty’s extensive work in societal welfare to be that which led to the conferment of her honorary degree in social works by the University. “In life, we will always have setbacks. Nothing is golden throughout the journey. There will always be something, and that something you can overcome if you have resilience. The culture of giving and grateful will build your resilience. Practise it, develop it, and nurture it.”

“Today marks an important day in your life; it is the beginning of your successful career in the future. Today is also a day of celebration; a day to celebrate all the hard work that got you to this moment. Today is a day of thanks; a day to thank those who helped you get here, nurtured you, mentored you, taught you, built you, and supported you to make sure you will be a successful graduate. Today is also a day of reflection; it marks the end of an era of your life and the beginning of something new. We wish you a future as successful as your past.”

Class of 2016, onwards and upwards!

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