Sehati Sejiwa

Despite the BERSIH 4 street protest, the spirit of the 58th Merdeka celebration wasn’t dampened.  Sehati Sejiwa, the Malay equivalence of togetherness,   the theme for this year’s national day celebration could not have been a better choice. Rightly so, if there is anything that Malaysia needs right now is that good old feeling of togetherness – a muhibbah if you like.

At the MSU campus, the scene of togetherness prevails in everything that drives us forward. The Merdeka celebration at the campus, for instance, has never lack variety and intensity. But what makes it so meaningful is the spirit of oneness among students and staff. I am touched by the dedication of all coming together celebrating a common cause.

Incidentally, while I was writing this piece, 3,576 MSU and PTPL students, cutting across ethnic and religious barriers had accomplished undertaking 157 community engagement activities all over Malaysia. The “Most Number of Community Service Undertaken in a Single Event”, which is another of our numerous Malaysia Book of Records achievements is a feat that can be done through sheer teamwork. Congratulations to all those involved.

Such togetherness is crucial if we were to see ourselves progress over the next decade. It is undeniable that it has been a solid team work that has helped us arrived where we are today.

Should we forget, the national day celebration is not just about togetherness. It is also about the price of freedom and a meaningless freedom it will become if we do not have our own direction. We have come this far because we were at liberty to chart our destiny and this has helped nourished our creativity and innovation. These are some of the basic elements that MSU wishes to inculcate among its students and future graduates so that they possess strong ethical and moral values in their quest to  become responsible citizens.

Going by the current rate of MSU graduates’ employability (98%), it suggests that the University’s ethos is well represented if taking our graduates entering the employment market as an indication.  And if this is something to go by, we are definitely on the right track to be the global university of choice.

We must protect of our independence, we must ensure that the future generation has the same if not better opportunities than what he had. The only way for us to ensure this is to maintain a united spirit and continuously strive to improve ourselves.

Remember, unite we stand, divide we fall  – Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka everyone !