A time to celebrate and move on.

The PTPL group annual convocation ceremony has always been a sentimental event to me because of the strong emotional and historical bonds that this collegiate institution has with MSU and those involved in the institution’s growth.

The 19th convocation in April, held in three sessions was another success. Thanks to the efforts of the organising committee which time and again has proven their ability at organising such an event. My appreciation also goes to the parents who came to offer their support and all the staff who have helped in every possible way they could.  The two-day session went like clockwork.

My congratulations to the graduating class of 2015. All of you have been through a fair bit just to get to where you are today. I am sure you have plenty to share of your experiences. However, it is important that you do not rest on your laurels as this ‘feel good’ factor does not have to end here as there are plenty more up ahead if you chose to move on.

While speaking to the 2304 graduates, I stressed the importance of moving forward.  Going from point A to point B may sound easy, and   simply reaching your destination does not necessarily mean that your journey has ended. What comes next constitute the next phase of learning on this long road to success.  The journey doesn’t stop, rather it is the lessons that you pick-up along this journey that make you better individuals. Ask the eighteen-thousand graduates of PTPL and they will tell you to just move on !

Looking back, despite making the cut after your SPM examinations,   many of you may felt dejected with your SPM achievements.  It was in fact these ordinary results coupled with your strong determination to improve that have brought you to your graduation.  A lesson learn here is that, nothing is impossible if you have the will to succeed.  If you nurse the same determination for all those that you desire in life,  god willing, then  victory is all yours.

Life is about making the necessary adjustments as and when needed, and further down the road you will encounter plenty of opportunities where these adjustments are required. Don’t be afraid because the time that you have spent in PTPL has given you a good foundation to go further.

As always, I had made a point to speak to many of the graduates during the convocation day. I was happy to note that many have had their plans well laid. A large number are currently in MSU continuing with their bachelor degree studies and quite a handful has begun their respective career.  Among this group, I was touched to note that there were many who were driven by their personal determination to save enough money for further studies. Such determination is exemplary and it portrays your drive to succeed.

Amidst the thousand of guests and students during the convocation day, no one has been more jubilant than the parents. I saw their faces beaming with satisfaction as their pride and joy took that memorable stride to receive their scrolls.  The parents came from various background, but on that day they were gathered for a single purpose and that was to celebrate your success.

Move on, and I hope that your future will be filled with many more of such great moments.  Good luck and stay focus to your dreams.