Teachers – MSU’s pride and joy

Perhaps the saying “Teaching is a noble profession” has lost its true depth of a meaning as it becomes more of a cliché than what it is supposed to mean. Today, May the 16th, Malaysia celebrates its Teachers Day among its large pool of educators. At the MSU campus, this day of appreciation for all lecturers had a special touch to it.  An ensemble of performances choreographed by the students of SESS was showcased for the teaching staff at our very own Performing Arts Theatre.

As always, the students have never failed to impress me when given the stage.  I am proud to see their talents and drive, and I am sure all lecturers present felt the same way too. Indeed it was a fitting tribute to all present particularly to all the teaching staff.

A teacher is an educator regardless of what level of teaching he or she may be engaged in. A teacher is not confined within the classroom context only; instead its connotation encompasses all professions, relationships and settings. There is a teacher wherever we go, and in whatever we do and most of all there is always a teacher within ourselves too. We will not be what we are today if somehow or somewhere in our lives we have not been touched by a teacher.  As a teacher we beam with pleasure when seeing the success of our prodigies and we become eager to share their success stories with the hope that it may inspire others as well.

But why wait for a Teachers Day Celebration to tell how indebted we are to all teachers?  Many of us, students and staff, seem to neglect the common etiquette of appreciating all those who have been so much a part of our success.  It doesn’t hurt to say ‘Thank You’ every time someone has done some good deeds. As a matter of fact it promotes warmth and a healthy culture of appreciation that could spark so many other possibilities.

The above, boils down to good personal qualities that one should possess.  At MSU we are so fortunate that the soft-skills enhancement among students have become an important component in their development into employable graduates.  The rate with which our graduates are absorbed by the industry is a good indication that the ethical values instilled are working in the graduates favour. This is definitely a good sign and something that all lecturers at MSU must be proud of.

To all teaching staff of MSU, may I take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic job done at educating the young minds. To the non-teaching staff, my utmost appreciation for the support and commitment given in making teaching and learning an enjoyable experience to all. To the students, thanks for the opportunity given to educate you and thanks also for the instances when we have learnt something new from you.

Happy Teachers Day everyone!