Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Another year went by with so many stories to learn from. Some good ones whereas some we prayed hard that it didn’t happen to us – at least not in our life time. In March, the whole world witnessed a killer tsunami plundered Japan and later in the year Turkey was rocked by a massive earthquake.

We also saw how the Arab Spring changed the political landscape of the middle-east; the economic downfall of Greece had shaken Europe. Lessons learnt from these events illustrate that transformation and change is a constant phenomena. We need to be prepared of the changes that loom before us. We have to be resilient. We have to rise to the occasion.

The calamities that befell Japan and Turkey showed us the resilience of the people affected in the two countries. Likewise, it is also the resilience of the Greek and the Arab people who are desperately looking for a transformation in their lives that brought about the changes they are currently experiencing.

As I have always reiterated, we need to prepare ourselves of the changes that will affect our lives. We do not know when and how it will happen. But if we are prepared, at least half of the battle is won. We need to be resilient, creative and pro-active in what we have ventured ourselves into. Never cease to give attention to the tiniest of all details. The challenges that we will confront vary in magnitude. We need to be tactful and meet these challenges with a clear head.

MSU and PTPL will not be what it is today if not for the resilience and the determination of its staff, students and all those involved. Our achievement today is not the end on this long journey to success. In many ways I feel that we just begun. We have to continuously improve ourselves so that the MSU that will stand in the next ten to twenty years will be better than what it is today.

I anticipate that 2012 will be another eventful year for MSU. By February, many of us will move to occupy the various levels of the Management Tower. Twenty-twelve (2012) will also witness the construction of MSU Medical Centre (our teaching hospital) and Students Residences. When completed, this Phase 3 of MSU’s physical development signifies the completion of the RM570 million MSU campus complexes.

Whether achievements and successes will colour 2012, it will very much depend on how we plan and manage for next year. As long as we stick ourselves to enhancing the quality of education and we are serious about embracing an excellent service and high performance cultures, I believe we are on the right track. These committable core values should suffice to see us through 2012 and beyond……InsyaAllah.

Happy New Year to all.