Success is Priceless

Surmounting challenges amidst a variety of constraints can be a daunting experience. I have always empathized deeply with our students ability at meeting challenges while engaging themselves in their higher education pursuit at MSU. Everyone of them has a story to tell. On many occasions, the difficulties, heartaches, personal losses and the feelings of hopelessness seem to overwhelm them. Amazingly enough, their strong reliance on self confidence and resilience has the upper hand of the situation.

Speaking of self-confidence, I could not help but retold the audience during MSU 9th convocation about the story of Lance Armstrong, who created history when he became a seven time champion of Tour de France. Many may have known that one of those victories Lance had was after overcoming a long battle with cancer. What could have driven someone such as Lance to achieve this unimaginable feat kept everyone guessing. Great accomplishment such as this and many more that we might have known of, I am convinced, must have originated from strong motivating factors.

When success is secured against all odds, what can be sweeter than success itself. Success is priceless. The satisfaction of being successful is even more priceless. I saw the victorious feelings among MSU graduates, triumphantly clutching their scrolls during all convocations. They have all made it. If before this, many of them were skeptical about what the future holds for them, now they no longer worry of those uncertainties.

Now, I see them with a renewed confidence and whatever challenges that come, I assume, will not deter their spirit for more successes and accomplishments. I am happy that we as an institution have been given that privilege to change the lives of these people. While we tirelessly ensure that their lives changed, let us not forget that we have also created a difference in ours’. This is one of the traits of MSU, a university of choice not only for students but also for those who have devoted their time and effort ensuring that others that come through its door will have the opportunity to succeed.

MSU – it is everybody’s university of choice.