30 Years of Excellence in Education

To say that our students’ favorite pastime is to break Malaysia Book of Records’ achievements sounds pretty much boastful. The truth is, that is exactly what they seem to be doing. I cannot recall the number of new records created and old ones broken. One of these was a recent accomplishment, the largest logo created in conjunction with MSU and PTPL 30th anniversary celebration. From January to February 2011 alone there were two successful new records attempts with a few more in the pipeline.

The students have never ceased to be my pride. Come what may, they have never failed to impress. This is the spirit of MSU. The spirit of surmounting challenges and overcoming barriers which, if I may add, have been inspirational to the university’s entire community.

I suppose it has become so much of a culture in MSU that challenges are taken head-on. Had this not been the case, I seriously doubt we could be where we are today. Like always, there were ups and downs, however after every downturn we have always risen to be stronger and more determined. Much has been learnt from the past and these have been the strength that has pushed us into the future.

Many have come to stay and there were also those who left with reasons that I find hard to comprehend. I am deeply touched with those who have chosen to stay and commit their time and effort to the growth of MSU and PTPL. It has been a great and a wonderful thirty years to have you onboard.

Often time I have been asked what my plans are for MSU and PTPL during the next decade. Optimistically, there are many things that I would like to do in order to see MSU and PTPL grow to become institutions of choice. I would like to see both institutions continuously contribute to the human capital need of the country. I would like to see that MSU and PTPL play an active role in the wealth creation among Malaysians. Most of all I would like to see that MSU break away from its regional yoke and become a truly global centre for educational excellence.

For this to happen we have to remain dedicated to the ideals of our existence. We should not waiver because of the changes that will take place around us. We have to blend with that change, we need to develop the ability to anticipate when change will occur and most of all we must enjoy the change. We must have a strong conviction that we can be better and only by becoming better we can command respect and receive the due recognition.

If the last 30 years were filled with periods of redefining our identity and managing our acceptance by stakeholders, the next 30 years should be about our role as agents of social transformation and ensuring that Malaysia becomes a prestigious educational destination.

Happy 30th anniversary MSU and PTPL – the institutions of choice.