8th Convocation – MSU

I have never failed to feel proud looking at our graduates taking those historic strides to receive their scrolls from the Chancellor. I knew how they felt.

With several hundred pairs of eyes straining on each of them, watching their every move, the feeling of nervousness overcomes them. Strangely, there is that sense of pride, that sense of accomplishment pounding their hearts. I knew how it felt because I was once there too.

Little do we know that those who went up the stage that day and those who did the same in the previous seven convocations have their stories to tell. There were graduates whose parents were cab drivers, lorry drivers, farmers, millionaires, technocrat, bureaucrats. There were graduates who did MSU and the country proud for their achievements be it at the national or international level. The graduates represent Malaysia’s varied social strata. To many of them, MSU was a turning point. It was a place that they had transformed themselves to become achievers.

MSU’s 8th convocation ceremony also saw several achievements that will go down into history. Besides being the first convocation held at the Chancellor’s Hall, it also coincides with the Chancellor’s first visit to the new campus.

In my address, I had shared MSU’s achievements with parents, students and staff present. These achievements were undoubtedly the result of teamwork, grit and determination that had steered MSU to become the University of Choice. They were achievements that portray excellence in our work culture and they underscore the total learning experience that we aspire each student will receive while in MSU.

Topping the achievements list was the completion of phase one of the new campus with phase two fast trailing behind and scheduled to complete by mid 2011. Subsequently, construction of phase three will begin and it will not be till 2012 that we will see the completion of this final phase.

Special attention is given to cater the needs of the campus community with food, banking, travel, wellness and recreation facilities being appropriately located within reach at the campus. Built at a cost of RM500 million, MSU’s campus development will alleviate and solidify our position as the University of Choice in Malaysia and beyond.

Perhaps there could be no other form of sweet success to MSU other than the recognition given as an Excellent University status by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia. The recognition ranks MSU as one of the top eighteen among the public and private universities in Malaysia. This tier five ranking of MSU looks at standards and quality and places MSU at par with Malaysia’s best. My congratulations to the university board members, management, staff, students and all who have had a hand in ensuring this remarkable achievement.

My words of advice to the graduating class of 2010, be professionally known among your peers, be one of those who are active at creating new opportunities and be persistence in all your endeavours. Walk tall and be proud of your alma mater for it is the University of Choice.