What next after graduation?

It was certainly a delight to see another 1000 graduates receiving their scrolls during the recent 7th MSU’s convocation. While the graduates took those historic strides on stage, I saw an overwhelming sense of satisfaction overcame parents and graduates alike. To me, my delight stems from not merely the achievements that these graduates have accomplished but also their ability of making a difference in their lives.

To the graduates, graduation should not be perceived as merely a paper chase activity. On the contrary, it is the same long “journey” – but with a renewed vigour. Life after graduation should be viewed as another attempt on your part to make a difference and by so doing you set yourself apart from others. Differentiate yourself from the ordinary by becoming extraordinary.

I am sure many will agree with me that nothing in life is worth remembering if it has not impacted our lives so profoundly. Likewise, nothing in life is worth retelling if the chain of events following it have not touched our emotions or brought about some changes to our lives. It is all about making a difference and I spoke a great length about this to the graduating class of 2010.

Past and current events abound of successes and accomplishments that warm our hearts and motivate our spirits. Mark Zuckerberg, as described by David Kirkpatrick in his book “The Facebook Effect” started his digital empire with a small intention of making a difference. Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, worth $5billion by today’s estimates, believes that the ultimate payday is not his priority rather changing the world is.

The successes of Zuckerberg and others originate from the need to change the world and the desire to make that mark of difference. To the young graduates of MSU, it is time to stand and be counted. Refine and add new dimensions to what it is like to be graduates of MSU. Let it be known that our prowess is not only in the employability of our graduates but in the character and positive traits that you as alumni of MSU represent.

Make a difference in whatever your vocation might be. Make a difference in your role as part of your family and the community. Stand tall, face the challenges and be innovative because, believe me, there is plenty of space to make that difference.

To all graduates, the very best of luck from all of us at MSU – your University of Choice. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

Go ahead, make that change, and make a difference!