Between APA and the new campus

The last couple of months have been challenging to many of us in the University. As we look forward to moving to the new campus, a fair share of our efforts were put to test as we prepared ourselves for the Academic Performance Audit (APA) conducted by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA).

Preparations for APA have indeed been a laborious one. I am touched with the commitment and perseverance shown by staff in ensuring that this once-in-five-year health check exercise hits the success note. During the preparation, we toiled with the long hours and occasional heartbreaks, we have given our best as we anxiously anticipate the outcome. I am optimistic of the APA outcomes and my optimism stems from not merely because of the positive attributes that we have, but also the mutual believe my staff and I share that we can deliver. Further, the well in placed systems that we have worked so hard for are elements which will guide us towards success.

The magnitude of the materials required and the assembly of this information in proper APA format have suddenly opened our eyes to the wealth of information and systems that we have developed over the past nine years either by design or otherwise. As a young university, I am proud of the comprehensive systems and processes that have been established. I believe these are the result of love, conviction and passion in fulfilling our obligation as dedicated staff. My gratitude goes to all for tirelessly and continuously contributing to make MSU stronger and better.

Likewise, the APA exercise also gave us the opportunity to reflect not only on our strengths but also on improvements that we could make for the future. I strongly believe that there are plenty more to be done and that the process of improving ourselves is continual.

While we eagerly await the outcome of APA, our attention is focused on moving to our new campus. The new campus is an indication of our ability and strength. Once and for all it will silence sceptics. Admittedly, delays were anticipated and putting this aside, the move within the next few days will take place. The 1.3 million square feet phase 1 will have everything that a modern campus should have. It will be another success story that we want to tell people.

Many events have been line-up by the various departments coinciding with the revelation of our new campus. Soon MSU will be a must- visit attraction among dignitaries and students alike. Be proud when told by others how impressive the campus appear. Be proud that it is MSU and most of all be proud that you help built it as well. It is MSU, it is our University of Choice.