Welcome to the president.msu.edu.my blog. Many would not have thought what the world wide web would have become thirty years after it made its debut. Likewise, neither can we predict with utmost certainty what it would become thirty years from now. However, evolve and becoming more sophisticated, it definitely will.

Making communications more accessible, free and devoid of hindrances looks set to be the next form of alternative media of the coming centuries. This blog is an attempt at capturing this phenomena, it is an attempt for an intellectual discourse, comments and critics, and the sharing of ideas and information towards enhancing our lives and the lives of others that we touched everyday.

This blog is also an avenue for the reflection of thoughts, observation made and feedbacks on the development of MSU. It is an attempt on our part to uplift the standards of quality and excellence of MSU which have always been synonymous to our development process. Views received, I envisage, will assist MSU to be more than just fulfilling the human capital needs of the nation. They will also play a bigger role in our effort of becoming a true centre of excellence within this region and beyond.

Our success today is partly due to the comments and inputs gained from students, staff, authorities and the general public. My gratitude goes to them and I look forward to hear more from them.

This is my invitation to all staff, students and alumni (MSU and PTPL) and millions of the general public to share their views. Let us make the ideals of the freedom to express ourselves as the cornerstone for the creation of a better and a happier world.